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A NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Provider in Mildura strugged with their aging IT Infrastructure, on-site servers and a growing need to ensure their data is kept safe and secure.

By making the decision to utilise proven cloud technology, invest in reliable networking and unified communications, this NDIS provider ultimately improved the efficiency ad effectiveness in their operation in Mildura.


This NDIS provider was concerned that its aging infrastructure, reliability of connectivity, lack of unified communications and pressure of ensuring privacy and security in their system was taking away from their core business focus, their clients.

  • Aging infrastructure and unreliable connectivity:

    The infrastructure included an aging on-site server, with software that was becoming end-of-life.  This paired with networking devices that couldn’t keep up with the growth and was at times unreliable caused unnecessary downtime and delays.

  • Lack of unified communications:

    The client relied heavily on telecommunications with their clients.  Unfortunately their aging on-premises PABX phone system weren’t allowing for any flexibility to ensure full coverage, remote worker support and accurate reporting.

  • Ensuring client data safety and security:

    Working within the NDIS environment, the client had to ensure all their clients information were stored safely and securely.  The increase in cyber attacks in Australia was a cause of concern for them to ensure their system was safe and secured.


After the client contacted MVAD Technologies, we performed an IT audit of their environment.  Being local, MVAD Technologies knew the challenges facing NDIS providers in technology and that a Managed IT Services provider in Mildura could assist them promptly and successfully.

By listening to the clients concerns, and working with them, we were able to identify a solution for their challenges.

  1. In consultation with the client, we identified that by utilising cloud-based software for their client management, they would eliminate the need for any on-site servers.  This would allow them to instead upgrade their networking environment by saving on the costs of an on-premise solution.  We migrated all their on-premise data to an Office365 environment, including utilising Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Sharepoint for data management and storage.

    Furthermore we replaced their data connection with a reliable business grade NBN connection, with mobile backup to enure always on-connectivity.  This allowed us to install enterprise grade networking equipment which allows for remote monitoring of connections to ensure reliability.

  2. After ensuring a stable and quick data connection, we replaced our clients traditional phone PABX system with an Unified Communications system powered by 3CX Phone System.  This cloud based telephone system allowed our client the flexibility to manage their own call flow, give remote workers extensions as required and the ability to work from anywhere without missing a call.  This backed up with automated reporting on call amounts, allowed our customer to always know what level of staffing was needed to action client phone calls.
  3. With the introduction of Microsoft365 into the environment, we secured the environment through best-practice.  Our networking equipment installed had the ability to scan any incoming traffic to ensure it was safe and secure.  We also introduced business grade managed Antivirus to the client.  This way in case of any cyber incident, our support team would be notified first.


As a result of our Manged IT Services for NDIS client in Mildura, we were able to migrate their cloud information to a safe and secure cloud environment utilising Office365.  We upgraded their data connection to NBN with a mobile failover.  Renewed their networking equipment to allow for better monitoring and security.   Their traditional phone system in MIldura was replaced by a 3CX cloud-based phone system to allow for unified communications and their data was kept safe and secure by best-practice and business grade managed antivirus.

The introduction of all these technologies, allows their support workers to work remotely and have more time to focus on their clients.

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