Gol Gol Starlink Wireless Networking and CCTV for a Wineryinstallation of cctv and data for a gol gol winery

Winery Gol Gol CCTV and Data Installation
A Gol Gol based winery was expanding at a rapid rate. Unfortunately they had no reliable mobile coverage or data connections available in their area. This caused their POS system and internal business functions to not be utilised efficiently.

By approaching MVAD Technologies this Gol Gol winery managed to add a Starlink connection, with sufficient wireless coverage and data infrastructure to allow for CCTV installation as well.


This Gol Gol Winery approached MVAD Technologies in Mildura to assess their current situation.  They had unreliable mobile signal in the area and no access to fixed NBN solutions.  They also wanted ample wifi and CCTV coverage throughout the property that had existing sheds, house and cellar door on it.

  • Lack of Reliable Connectivity

    One of the biggest challenges faced by the winery is the lack of reliable data connection and wifi coverage. This made it difficult for the winery to communicate with its suppliers, customers, and employees. For example, the winery had difficulty taking payment on their POS (point-of-sales) system, placing orders for supplies, coordinating deliveries, and responding to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Additionally, the lack of internet connectivity may made it difficult for the winery to access important information and data, such as weather forecasts, market trends, and pricing information.

  • Lack of Security Coverage:

    Furthermore, this Gol Gol winery also lacked security camera coverage, which makes it vulnerable to theft, occupational health and safety issues and other security threats. Without security cameras, it is difficult for the winery to monitor its staff, premises to prevent unauthorised access and note incidents. This can lead to losses in revenue, inventory and damage to property, which can be costly for the business.

  • Missed Opportunities:

    In conclusion, the lack of reliable data connection, wifi coverage, and security camera coverage presents significant challenges for the winery in Gol Gol. To address these challenges, the winery needed to invest in new infrastructure and technology, such as Starlink internet, wireless networking equipment, and security cameras, to improve its connectivity and security.


After the client contacted MVAD Technologies, we performed an audit of their of their current buildings and locations they wanted covered.

By listening to the clients concerns, and working with them, we were able to identify a solution for their challenges.

  1. We provided them the option to install Starlink at their Gol Gol premises.  This allowed them to access high speed internet without spending money on traditional fibre technology to access high speed internet.
  2. To facilitate a stable and reliable networking infrastructure for their Gol Gol winery, we advised installation of commercial grade network security appliances and networking switches, which can allow for high speed data transfer of internal network traffic, including cctv and security cameras.
  3. These commercial grade appliances allowed us to give them sufficient coverage for data with wireless access points and point to point wifi to maximise coverage across all their structures on the winery.


Installing Starlink for a reliable data connection, commercial networking equipment and infrastructure, wireless access points, and security cameras can provided significant benefits to this winery in Gol Gol.


With reliable internet connectivity, the winery improved communication with suppliers, customers, and employees. The winery could place orders for supplies and coordinate deliveries more efficiently, respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner, and communicate with employees more effectively. This helped the winery improve its operations and provide better customer service.


Reliable internet connectivity and commercial networking equipment helped the winery streamline its operations and increase productivity. Employees could access important information and data more quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and effort needed for manual tasks. This helped the winery produce more wine with less labor, improving its profitability.


Installing security cameras can helped the winery monitor its premises and prevent unauthorised access and monitor occupational health and safety issues (OHS). With surveillance cameras in place, the winery could detect and deter theft, vandalism, and other security threats. This helped the winery protect its staff, inventory and property, reducing losses and damage.


With reliable internet connectivity, the winery improved its marketing and sales efforts. With a stable and working point of sale system (POS), it helped the winery expand its customer base and increase its sales.


In conclusion, installing Starlink for a reliable data connection, commercial networking equipment and infrastructure, wireless access points, and security cameras can provide numerous benefits to a winery in Gol Gol. From improving communication and productivity to enhancing security and marketing efforts, these technologies helped the winery grow and succeed in a competitive market.


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