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Dental Practice IT
A Dental Clinic were looking for IT Support in Mildura after their previous provider weren't providing them with the needed IT advice.

Through investigating multiple IT Support options in Mildura, a Dental Practice contacted MVAD Technologies for an IT refresh of their environment.


The Dental Practice were looking for IT Support in Mildura with transparency in pricing, give IT advice and ensure prompt IT support when needed.

  • Aging on-site server, end of life Exchange Email and slow network infrastructure:

    The Dental Practice was upgrading their Dental Practice Manager Software, Exact Software, and needed advice on a server that was cost-effective and powerful enough to use.  They also needed IT Support for Exact Software in Mildura to assist with liasing with Smile Software for the process.

  • Aging PABX (traditional phone system):

    Calls from patients were paramount for this Dental Practice, and they needed to streamline their phone operations.  They didn’t have the ability to queue calls and perform more advance phone system features.

  • Unreliable backup solution:

    They were relying on performing manual daily backups by utilising revolving drives.  This meant that backups were mostly unverified and file level only.  Also it was open to human error, in case someone missed a backup.


MVAD Technologies did an IT assement of the Dental Practice in Mildura and their current infrastructure.  We also investigated the different software packages utilised to manage the Dental Clinic.

By listening to the clients concerns, and working with them, we were able to identify a solution for their challenges.

  1. After consultation with Exact Dental Software we were able to assess what size on-premise server was required.  As their current server was also running Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, we decided to migrate those services to Azure AD and Office 365, thus eliminating the need for a larger server environment.  We provided the client with a cost effective on-site server that was powerful enough to support their Exact dental software in Mildura and allowed for future growth.
  2. We upgraded the traditional PABX system to a cloud-based telephone system at their Mildura practice.  By utilising 3CX for this, we were able to introduce features such as call queues, ring groups, after hour messaging and out-of-office solutions. 
  3. For a backup solution, we utilised a Datto backup device for their on-site server in Mildura.  This allowed for automated backups locally, that syncs to the cloud for safe storage.  Backup verification is also done daily to ensure all the backups are working as expected.  Thus eliminating the need for additional physical drive space and human intervention.


As a result of our IT Support for Dental Practice in Mildura, we were able to upgrade their server in a cost effective manner by migrating their old on-site Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory server to Azure AD and Office 365.  We also solved the problem of not being able to service all clients when the phones are busy by utilising 3CX as a SIP cloud-based phone system.  For a reliable backup solution, we introduced Datto which not only creates local backups, but syncs snapshots to the cloud for verification with little or no human intervention.

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