Be cloud ready.

MVAD Technologies provide a cloud ready assessment for your business.  We will scope your current system and do a gap analysis on your architecture.  Based on our findings we will recommend a tailored cloud solution for your business.

Cloud applications is software applications that is based in a cloud-based server environment where components interact to provide a solution or service.  Cloud solutions are typically browser-based, distributed and relies on data connectivity.

Typically cloud applications is hosted in a remote data centre which is maintained and operated by the cloud service provider.  Typical cloud-based application is services and software such as email, file sharing, customer relationship management, financial systems and document management solutions.

A popular misconception is that cloud infrastructure is only for large enterprises and big business.  However the contrary is probably more true. The barrier of entry to a cloud based infrastructure is relatively low and frees up cash flow significantly.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine is a platform that provides on-demand cloud solutions to individuals, companies and governments.  AWS / Azure / Google Compute works on a subscription model (Pay-as-you-go) and you only pay for what is utilised by your business.

MVAD Technologies can assist you with getting your cloud operational with the assistance of AWS / Azure / Google Compute and the solutions it provide.  From Virtual Servers to Virtual Private Clouds to ensure you have total control over your cloud infrastructure.

  • ROI – Cloud solutions can be a cost effective solution in the long term by switching your expenditure from a capital solution to an operational expense model.
  • Sustainable Efficiency – Gain efficiency by tailoring a cloud solution to your business needs.  We will automate and remove any legacy manual processes.
  • Compliance – A big advantage of cloud systems is the ability to ensure your business is compliant with any data governance or legislative compliance.
  • Low cost of entry – Cloud applications provide a lower barrier entry point that traditional software solutions.
  • Flexible to business needs – With the deployment of cloud applications, your time to market with software is reduced drastically.
  • Hassle free maintenance –  Infrastructure and updates are not a worry for your business any more with cloud applications.
  • Instant scalability – Your cloud applications can grow with you and do not require extra physical server resources.
  • Flexibility – Have your infrastructure grow with your business.  Increase the demand when needed and scale back during quiet periods.
  • Disaster Recovery – Don’t get stuck with failing hardware or relying on aging backups.  Most cloud solutions provide out of the box solutions to backups and recovery.
  • Less Capital Expenditure – Cloud pricing is generally based on an operational expenditure model, which translates in less money upfront to start out.
  • Competitive Advantage – Have more flexibility and mobility than your competitors which translates into better service for your customers.
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MVAD Technologies currently services more than 1000 customers across Australia, from small home systems to large multi-national companies. The group’s goal is simple, to connect users with technology and provide quality service.

We pride ourselves in recommending products and services that customers need, without the pressure sales tactics.

All our staff are local and we are passionate about servicing local communities, we like to help customers with the correct implementation and training so the product works as desired.

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