Should I have Security monitoring?

Security Monitoring

Should I have Security monitoring?

You may have a great guard dog or friendly neighbours who keep an eye on your house while you’re not home. But what if the neighbours are out or your dog falls asleep or worse gets injured during a burglary. Installing a security system can be an easy and inexpensive way of keeping your property safe from intruders. According to “Securing Home and Business” by Simon Hakim/Erwin Blackstone, homes without security systems are 2.7 times more likely to be targeted. This means the mere presence of a security system is enough to deter intruders.

Once you have made the decision to install a security system you will need to decide whether or not you want it to be monitored.

Non-Monitored Security System

There are several reasons for choosing a non-monitored system. First, security system costs are lower since there is no monthly monitoring fee. Secondly, non-monitored systems are usually wireless and therefore are easy to install. A DIY job that will take just an hour or so in most homes. This also makes the equipment portable, if you decide to move home or business.

Monitored Security System

Have you ever heard an alarm siren (with a flashing blue light) and ignored it? We all have. With the police no longer responding to the bell ringing alarms, the benefits of having a monitored alarm system in place are tremendous. A non-monitored system will sound an alarm if an intruder enters or, if it includes smoke detectors, a fire starts. But it won’t send for help. A monitored system will have help on the way quickly. Your property is fully protected whether you are there or not.

Monitored systems are often installed by a company, ensuring proper performance. You might get better detection from a professionally-installed system and you’ll have the peace of mind its guarding your home at all times.


Which is right for you? For those who tend to move a lot, a non-monitored system can be a good choice. For better all-around security, a monitored system is tough to beat. Choose the one that will give you the security you want at the best price. MVAD Technologies provide monitoring starting at $1.26 per day.

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