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Navman Wireless fleet tracking customers include school bus fleets, municipal governments, construction companies and other service companies such as trucking and delivery, limousine services, pest control and more. In fact, fleet tracking stretches across any industry with a company-owned fleet.

Navman Wireless fleet-tracking solutions help these customers derive significant cost savings from reduced fuel usage, less vehicle wear and tear and lower maintenance costs.

In addition, Navman Wireless systems provide significant dispatch, navigation, operating efficiencies and better communications with every vehicle in the fleet and improved compliance with government regulations.

  • Qube: The central GPS communication modem and vehicle tracking base
  • Qtanium: The most rugged and durable tracking device on the market, designed specifically for heavy duty usage
  • Mobile Data Terminal: A simple in-vehicle messaging terminal that facilitates easy and affordable two-way communication
  • M-Nav: A vehicle-based messaging and navigation solution that connects to Qube for office-to-dashboard, two-way messaging
  • DIRECTOR Fleet Management: Fully integrated software for real-time control and management of a mobile workforce and fleet that can improve productivity and profitability. The system also provides a full reporting suite with accurate, dynamic reports whenever and wherever they are needed.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, the multi award winning fleet management software, gives fleet owners full visibility into fleet performance and mobile resource activity. DIRECTOR is the fleet management software driving efficiency for more than 100,000 assets in Australia and New Zealand.

MVAD Technologies is a Teletrac Navman Partner, and we are passing on the savings to our customers.


MVAD Technologies currently services more than 1000 customers across Australia, from small home systems to large multi-national companies. The group’s goal is simple, to connect users with technology and provide quality service.

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