Manage access to your property.

Be sure to control who access what area of your business by our access control system solutions.  We can restrict access to certain groups, individuals even limit access to certain time periods or days for more granular control over your security.

View reports on who access where and at what times to ensure your staff and contractors are kept safe, but also your confidential business information is kept secure.

MVAD Technologies can provide you with a range of solutions, from biometric / fingerprint scanners to card readers and even facial recognition.  Speak to our expert access control systems team today to get a design that will fit your requirements.


MVAD Technologies currently services more than 1000 customers across Australia, from small home systems to large multi-national companies. The group’s goal is simple, to connect users with technology and provide quality service.

We pride ourselves in recommending products and services that customers need, without the pressure sales tactics.

All our staff are local and we are passionate about servicing local communities, we like to help customers with the correct implementation and training so the product works as desired.

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