8 Advantages of GPS Vehicle Tracking for Transportation Industry

Vehicle Tracking

8 Advantages of GPS Vehicle Tracking for Transportation Industry

GPS fleet tracking is successfully used by many companies associated with transport industry as well as by individuals for tracking and managing vehicles. There are enormous advantages of GPS tracking for transport industry, not only for the large but also for the small businesses. Here are 8 major benefits of using a GPS tracking device for vehicle monitoring and fleet management.

Maximise Vehicle Utilisation: 

Businesses like car rental providers can use GPS devices in their vehicles in the most effective way to maximise the utilisation of the vehicle. The fleet admin can track the exact location of the vehicle and easily detect the free vehicles and the cars which are expected to complete their visit soon. All this information helps in the perfect vehicle utilisation.

Customers Satisfaction: 

In every business customer satisfaction is the main aspect for the success and growth of the company. GPS tracking devices help in customer satisfaction by ensuring their safety and also by the assets and inventory management. A customer will always prefer to hire a cab or taxi which is tracked and monitored by the company and which can guarantee the safe journey.

Ensure Vehicle Safety: 

A Car rental company have many vehicles and hence it is tough to track every vehicle manually and get the information. With GPS devices it is easy to keep track of each and every vehicle and make sure that all the vehicles are safely running on the predefined correct path.

Resource Optimisation:  

A GPS tracker enables you to monitor your resources without any improbity. Sometimes car drivers get stuck in a traffic jam and lose their performance. With GPS tracking you can get the accurate cause of late delivery or service. You can manage your resources more effectively and it builds the trust in drivers also.

Route Planning: 

Many GPS devices offer the features of Geo fencing and Auto fencing.  These features help the fleet admin in the route mapping. The admin can set a locality for driving and if the vehicle runs outside of this area, an alert message delivers on the registered number.

Speed Detection: 

Speed is one of the major factors for any transport company. Over speeding is very harmful for driver, customer as well as for the vehicle. It is very important for drivers to drive at a particular speed. A GPS tracking device helps in speed detection and obligatory actions can be taken when required.

Fuel Monitoring: 

A GPS tracking device helps a fleet operator in complete fleet management by providing many facilities like fuel and mileage monitoring. You can get to know the fuel usages for your vehicle and can control the consumption of fuel by your vehicle.

Real Time Monitoring: 

Real time monitoring is one of the best advantages of a GPS device. As a fleet manager safety of all vehicles and drivers are on top of your priority list. Real time monitoring is the solution of all tracking facets.

These are some major advantages of using a GPS vehicle tracking device for fleet management. The advantages can differ according to different devices available in the market. You can easily find your choice of device which fulfil your requirements.

Sarah Ale – Digital Marketing Expert and Blogger, Published on November 2, 2015.

https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/8-advantages-gps-vehicle-tracking-transportation-industry-sarah-ale  > 17th June 2017

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