I’ve lost my data! Now what?

IT Disaster

I’ve lost my data! Now what?

If our IT Support Team received a dollar each time they heard that phrase from a potential customer contacting us in a panic, they would be able to retire already.

Data loss is something business’ rarely worry about, until it happens to them.  These days data loss and corrupted data can be caused by various factors, including cryptolocker virus, data breaches, hardware failure even user error or malicious intent.

Our IT Support Team has one principle they live with:  “Be proactive with your IT support”.

To achieve this, they have packaged a support solution that compromises of system monitors, virus protection, data loss prevention tools and real-time backups that will ensure your data stays safe and secure.

The fact of the matter is, tragedy will strike, but preparedness and risk mitigation can counter any data loss or corruption.

  1. Our support team can monitor your hardware devices, including PCs and Servers and will be notified of any critical updates, disk failures or application error.
  2. With our data loss prevention tools we can safeguard your sensitive information from leaving your business.
  3. Industry standard virus protection will ensure you are protected against any malicious cryptolocker virus or malware infecting and encrypting your data.
  4. The last, but best, defense is backups, backups, backups.  Our realtime backup solution goes beyond the standard solutions, and have 2 levels of safe guarding.  One at file system level and one and image level.  Ensuring your data will be kept safe and secure in the event of catastrophe.

If you have unfortunately been the victim of hardware failure, data loss, crypto virus attack or unable to retrieved files due to lack of backups, get in contact today with our IT Support Team to work with your business to ensure it will never happen again.

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